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Nizam has 25 years experience as an Electronic, Electrical / Mechanical and registered Professional Senior Architectural Technologist who started off working for a company called “FireFite (Pty) Ltd from 1980 until 1982. He thereafter until 1986 worked for Consulting Engineers namely “Watson Edwards van der Spuy & Laubscher”. He founded Technical Engineering, Architectural and Management Services C/C Reg. No CK1985/013881/23 in 1985 and about three years later started a parallel company in the building industry called “Shanté Building and Construction” to date serves as a consultant builder who over the years has developed various methods of streamlining building prospects. To date at least two of his designs have had the opportunity to appear on the front covers of the Corobrick catalogues.









After more than three years of patent development and relevant administrative design to the business plan, on the Thursday 2nd February 2006 the product was officially launched at Pelican Heights, Cape Town in the presence of Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu.

This led to the further improvement and new beginning of patent no. 2006/01567 registered 23rd February 2006 called the “Omega 1 intelligent walling system” in the name of Nizam Ismail. The new patent consisted mainly of all the modifications done to the Pelican Height’s prototype and improvement to build an envelope-housing unit within 7 days.

 A new beginning required a fresh start and therewith the formulation and assembly of a stream lined, well-equipped and potent team with a third patent spearheaded by Nizam Ismail called the “Omega 2 intelligent walling system” enabling envelope housing for the poorest of the poor a unit built in four days. Nizam has gained considerable and invaluable experience in this new methodology and technology over this period that includes administration to design with liaisons and first hand physical assembly.


Cassiem de Wet (Bcomm.ACC) – Chief Financial Director

 A previously disadvantaged individual, has been part of the accounting/finance fraternity since 1981 when he started at floor level and worked through every position in the accounts department in a multi-million rand worth conglomerate therewith forwarding him with the intensive and extensive expertise with first hand knowledge in every facet of accounting and human resources. He completed his Bcomm.ACC in 1992 at the University of Western Cape.

His Financial Experience further extended when he was employed as the accountant for a manufacturing company in 1993 and within a two year period was appointed and accepted the position as Financial Director where he was responsible for the financial and inventory management, accounting, human resource, and cost accounting. His managerial skills was soon realized by the directorate and was in 2005 awarded and accepted the position as Managing Director in order to take the company to the next level of expertise where takes full responsibility for the activity of the company.


Abubaker Noordien (Bproc.LLB) – Assistant Chief Operations Officer

 As one of the key figures in the company also classed PDI, Advocate Abubaker Noordien under great strain and against all odds gained considerable experience as a layman transferring information to every type of individual as a teacher while building up his ideological strength leading to a Professional Advocate. While climbing the ladder of success the following subjects that become evident and invaluable to the company were taught in registered schools, being Accountancy, Economics and Business Management. Besides being a registered Advocate, he has also proved that he is not afraid to dirty his hands to get the job done during his entrepreneurial era. With his experience gained while doing his articles in the “Irene Grootboom Constitutional Matter” which set and formed part of the governmental standard, that every body have the right to a house in South Africa, “The Freedom Squatters”, “Netreg Concerned Residents” and “Valhallah Park Civic Matters”, an extra new passion immediately saturated his brain when presented with a position in TEAMS. As an entrepreneur and first hand experience of the requirement by communities and government, he immediately saw the great potential in the company and with his vision and knowledge as an events manager at Nico Mallan Theatre as part of his portfolio, he knew exactly how to nurture, grow and sell the project with international feasibility.


Fareed Ismail (Btech. Mech) – Technical Director

 Mr. Fareed Ismail, now a Mechanical Engineering Lecturer have dedicated his life to extensive research as the Chief Industrial Mechanical Engineering Technologist within the South African Defense Force (Navy) where he was instrumental in designing, and procurement of the safety aspects of S.A submarine crew while being in the submersible whether in combat or mere patrolling. His knowledge of material strength and performance and experience on strategic planning and organization makes him an invaluable asset to TEAMS whose core structural requirements would be mainly metal works. His supervisory and designing ability as quality control officer demanded great respect not only in South Africa but also Germany and Switzerland. He is a very much a hands-on person who has a feel and passion for whatever he does in order to improve the qualities and safety of life in general. Each and every project is always considered a challenge to be conquered


Zahied Mukaddam (MCSE, CNA, CCA, CCNA) –P.R.O./ Project Management/IT/HR

 Zahied Mukaddam has spend the last 14 years from the year 2007 as a T6 paraplegic and in that time has become a champion for the disabled working on specials projects for the soul purpose of uplifting the disabled community. Having come from a technical background in Carpentry and joinery then finance and information technology, Mr. Mukaddam holds a wide range of skills that will enable him to act not only from a technical perspective but also from a financial and an upliftment aspect. Knowing the hardship endured by the disabled community and having made a significant contact base in this area we can be well assured that the needs of not only the underprivileged but also the underprivileged disabled community will also be addressed

The company is fully BEE and include a further female and disadvantaged broad based shareholder definition

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 Ebrahim Engineering Consultants trading as E2C

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