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The History



The earth is 4.5 billion years old

    Compare that to a 45-year-old human being then:

  • Mammals appeared on our planet eight months ago.

  • Humans exist since a couple of days

  • Man started cultivating land one hour ago and

  • The industrial revolution begun one minute ago.

In those sixty seconds man managed to plunder 80% of our planets natural resources by:

  • nPoluting the soil
  • The Air
  • The Water and
  • Wiped out thousands of animal and plant species

Current Global situation

  • n1.2 billion people around the world have no account to safe drinking water
  • n2.5 billion people have inadequate sanitation and or no means of water disposal
  • n90% of the worlds wastewater is not purified or is being discharged in an uncontrolled manner
  • n80% of all illnesses and 25% of all death in emerging countries are attributed to contaminated water

Can you imagine how many people is without housing

if 18 million people is without basic sanitation in

South Africa

of which approximately:
  • n  13% have no sanitary facilities at all
  • n  23% use pit latrine
  • n   6% use ventilated pit latrine
  • n   4% use a bucket latrine
  • n    2% use a chemical toilet

Shortcomings of conventional Systems

  • High Constructing, Operating and Maintenance Cost 
  • nMisuse of drinking water      
  • nContamination of water cycles with sewage
  • nRepresent health hazard and pollute the environment
  • nImpairment of soil fertility
  • nHeavy metal contamination due to intermixing with industrial sewage

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