24 / 30m Housing Unit


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The Solution






Step 3:

Our Third Party electrification unit operating on 230VAC mains and in the event of power failure or absence can supply lighting from a car battery

(Patent Number: Pending)

Step 1:

Our Patented, Eco-Friendly, Rapid House Erection Methodology addressing delivery requirement for the poorest of the poor with our 4 - 7 day delivery system

Omega 1 & 2 Walling System (Patent Numbers 2005/02801;  2006/01567; P3 pending)



    Patented third party - Nowac Sanitation System



    Patented third party - Nowac Sanitation System


Step 2:

Our Third Party Patented, Eco-Friendly, Sanitation Facility in a closed environment requiring:

  • No Infrastructure
  • No Oxygen
  • Natural Processing
  • Decomposing Organisms in different stages

3  time anaerobic purifier. (Patent number 2005/02967)

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