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S.A.B.S Tests






      S.A.B.S Employee Structural Testing  January 2006


     S.A.B.S Structural Testing Equipment January 2006

           S.A.B.S Wall Chip Tester January 2006

C.S.I.R Fire Testing - Pretoria November 2005

        Junior Director Testing Wall      Load bearing Capacity

December 2005























           S.A.B.S Testing Wall 135kg       Load-bearing Capacity

January 2006



S.A.B.S Rain Penetration Cert

January 2006











To date, the housing unit at Pelican Heights have served its time through min 4 seasons (Normally a bank requirement for non-conventional housing units) with an abnormal harsh winter,  with a normal family Living in it. The results..... phenomenal.

Why are you waiting?

Contact us now for appointment to view if you are into Bulk Housing, Holiday Chalets etc. or simply just profiteering in an expansive market.





S.A.B.S Structural Cert

January 2006


    S.A.B.S Water Pressure / Penetration December 2005


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