Just Imagine, a 24mē/30mē similar as shown Transit Housing Unit replacing a shack which many a person calls "Home" while waiting for their own gap or affordable housing unit !!! It will have some great advantageous spin-offs;

The Techno-crat out there might say "No" to transit-camps. Reason - if it is this good, why not build permanent housing units. True in that sense, but, we all know, people come and live together at specific places for specific reasons at specific times. With no available space at that specific place, Relocating same,                        a daunting task!!!



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The Product



  Pelican Heights - December 2005 Cape Town - Prototype 49mē












    Wadesville - July 2005 Gauteng 30mē Prototype




    Proposed - Transit Camp 24mē Similar to Wadesville / Gauteng


Proposed Floor Plan Layouts









    Proposed - Gap Housing 30mē Similar to Wadesville / Gauteng







         Proposed - Affordable Housing   49mē Similar to Pelican Heights, C.T.










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